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Mexico — home to the Mayans, the Aztecs, and divine beaches with sparkling waters of different hues of blue. You will also find forests with thick vegetation and diverse wildlife. It is a country rich in natural beauty, culture and history. A mexico vacation is something not to be missed and definitely not to be forgotten. Cherish your memory of your vacation in Mexico with a camera, a camcorder, your mind, and your travel journal.Check mexico vacation homes

Camera or camcorder

When you go traveling, your camera should be a priority in your must-bring checklist. It’s the tool that preserves the acts, the scenes, the laughs, and the smiles. Whether it’s your most-prized DSLR, a regular digital camera or just your cell phone cam, a camera is indispensable when you’re in Mexico for a vacation. With beaches of white sands and clear blue waters under the bright tropical sun, you just have to take a copy of this gorgeous scene with you when you go home.

An underwater camera might be handy when you go scuba diving or snorkeling in Cancun. You don’t want to miss the eerie scene of the underwater museum or the colorful marine life under those azure hues of the waters.

If the beach does not appeal to you, and history does. You will find a Mexico vacation is what you need. Being the home of ancient civilizations with a culture so old and so diverse, Mexico will satisfy your lust for times long gone. Thankfully artifacts, monuments, and remains of abandoned cities are still in existence to this day, so preserve them with a click of your camera.

Mexico’s celebrations of festivals and fiestas will bring out beautiful, colorful and unique ensembles, music, and dances. So a still photo or a video will definitely make a good souvenir to take home.

Your Mind

When you find yourself in a new place, don’t just hide yourself behind your camera. There are things that a camera couldn’t capture. One is taste and smell. Food in Mexico is considered a World Heritage. You might be able to capture how it was set, but its taste and mouth-watering aroma can only be remembered in your mind. Aside from your sight, you still have 4 other senses and they are not tangible enough to be preserved in a photo.

A camera preserves the act, but it won’t allow you the experience. What was your impression of Cancun? Was it festive, or was it gloomy? What made Acapulco unique? Was the place relaxing? How did you feel when you first set your eyes on the Mayan city of Palenque? Did you participate in the dancing at the festival? Was their traditional music better than mainstream? Can you identify its influence on mainstream music?

The purpose of travel is to see, feel and experience the new place. And when you are on a Mexico vacation, there are a lot of things to see, feel and experience given its history and culture.

Travel Journal

If you love to write a travel journal can also enforce your memory about your Mexico vacation. Like photos, written words about your experiences can last a long time if well-kept. And it is the only way you can preserve those that can’t be captured by photographs.

Travel experiences that are well-preserved make good stories for family and friends. With the internet, it’s even possible to share them with strangers. You can post your experiences in travel blogs and share your pictures in Flickr for all the world to see. Better still, have your pictures printed because you never know how long a website will last. So even when years have passed and you were not able to go back to Mexico, it will be worth your while reading your journal, looking at photos and remembering the fun you had during your vacation.