Divorce Tips For Women

When women are going through divorce proceedings they forget about what effect this situation will have on their finances. In this article we offer some divorce tips for women that can help to ensure that you remain financially secure whilst your divorce proceedings are taking place.click here

Tip 1 – Before you even begin divorce proceedings start placing in claims for those benefits which you are legally entitled to. If you earn a low income and staying in the marital home is crucial because you have children, then speak to the local housing authority to see if they have any benefit schemes that you entitled to make a claim for. There are several that are available which allow you to remain in the family home as they cover the mortgage interest payments for you.

Tip 2 – If you unsure of what your financial situation is at present because your husband maintained control over them before your separation you must immediately seek advice. One of the most cost effective ways to learn more about your finances is by enrolling on a course.

However if you don’t have sufficient funds to enrol on a course the internet can provide you with the information that you require. There are numerous websites that offer free advice so you can discover what your current financial situation is like. These sites will provide information to find out what you are entitled to and how to save money. Also they can provide you with advice on how to budget properly so the risk of you losing your home is reduced.