Dog Bite Attorney San Bernardino – Insights

If you have been bitten by a dog, you deserve to receive full compensation for the damages caused. Every person who is a victim of a dog bite accident should receive proper medical care and follow up treatment, but all too often this is not the case. This is the number one reason why you need a qualified dog bite attorney. You may incur medical costs that easily can reach over $25,000 if surgery and or rehabilitation is necessary. Also, what about the lost wages due to the fact that you couldn’t work? This is why you need a good dog bite attorney to help you recover all of your expenses. Your dog bite accident lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company of the dog’s owner and assist you in reaching a proper settlement.Dog Bite Attorney San Bernardino

While animal control laws are assumed to protect the public from harm, they are not always effective. The owner of the dog has an obligation to ensure that the dog does not harm the public. Violating any local dog laws, such as not keeping the animal under control can mean trouble for the dog’s owner if the dog attacks or bites someone. You, therefore, need an injury lawyer to help give you the justice you or your loved one so rightly deserve.

The owner of the dog can be sued for negligence. This is why you need an injury lawyer to help you in preparing your case and possibly suing the owner of the dog. The owner needs to compensate you for this and make sure that the dog is not ever able to do this again. As the legally liable party, the owner should pay you for all damages including, but not limited to, medical expenses, any reduced quality of life, scars, cosmetics or any costs for modifying the scarred area, quality time wasted, psychological effects, physical pain, permanent or temporary physical disability, shock and damaged property such as clothing. The insurance company of the dog’s owner should pay these. Your dog bite accident lawyer can also help you be compensated for punitive damages, that you get in addition to the other compensation received in the settlement.

In addition, the dog can also transmit certain diseases to you if it was not properly vaccinated. A dog bite accident lawyer will help you prove this and help you to recover the required compensation. Having a lawyer personal attorneys can help to protect you and the general public from any further negligence by the dog owner. It also serves as an example to other dog owners to keep their dogs from carelessly biting anyone. Providing sufficient evidence for Lawyer Personal Attorneys is paramount.