Drug Addiction Through Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery

In recent years there has been an exceedingly large amount of rehab centers springing up all over the place. The term “rehab” has become a universally understood word. However, though the word is well known it has become vastly misunderstood.Coastline Behavioral Health Rehab

I have been investigating, working with, and interviewing people within the recovery and rehab field for nearly 3 years now. As a cumulative result I have developed my own opinion of what rehab actually is. Or, better yet, what rehab is supposed to be.

What is Rehab?

I my own opinion, rehab is meant to be a safe haven of recuperation for people suffering from some type of addiction or affliction. The most common type of rehab is specifically geared toward drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Now, hardcore drug addicts and alcoholics are typically in pretty bad shape by the time they make the choice to get help (or someone makes the choice for them). They are typically beat up physically, mentally, and emotionally and need a great deal of guidance and help once they get to a rehab.

What a true rehab is supposed to offer is a program of addiction separation, education and recovery implementation. This means that they separate the addict or alcoholic from the addictive substances for a long enough period of time that they are able to overcome the physical craving. They then educate the addict or alcoholic on what is wrong with them and then present a course of action and recovery.

This process has proven to be very effective if followed by the patient.

There are two problems arising within this field that are causing a decreasing number of success stories.

Problem Number One

EVERYBODY is going to rehab. What I mean by this is that people who do not necessarily need a rehab program are being sent to rehab. This is particularly true of teenagers. Parents freak out if they catch their children experimenting with drugs and automatically assume that they need to send them to rehab. This disrupts the rehab program for the person who is really very ill and will die if they do not stay sober. This is so because the children do not take the rehab seriously.

Problem Number Two

The Rehab programs are getting way off track. They are increasingly trying to solve the problem of alcoholism and addiction with therapy. This is hard to believe given the fact that it has been repeatedly proven that this is not a sufficient treatment for this illness. The solution has proven to be a spiritual design for living that involves selfless action