Ultimate Guide To Purchase Satellite Imagery

With the advent of the internet, there are so many websites offering this service free of charge. Some of them require that you download the software to view the images while some run the images as flash directly from their web pages. This very trendy technology although developed for various mapping reasons has now been adapted for several fun and criminal reasons. There are concerns about the security risks of the service; do the pros weigh out the cons? SPYMESAT

There are a lot of computer applications that deal with satellite imaging, this software accesses stored or live satellite images and zooms in to locations and places of interest to provide sometimes, very high resolution images of such. For the live views, 3D images of the planet is available and can be zoomed in and out to have a bird’s eye view of any place.

There are satellites installed in space to capture the whole world and send back data to the earth for weather forecasting, planning and development, educational purposes, etc. Viewing satellite photos are becoming very popular; it is fascinating to be able to view live photos of your house, your friend or your nosy neighbour using satellite images.

This technology which had been previously reserved only for government and security agencies is now available to the public at literally no cost. Whether for business or pleasure, satellite imaging has made it easy to travel round the world and see real live pictures of locations of interest even from the comfort of our homes.