What are the Necessary Steps for Spring Cleaning

Having a beautiful and clean house is the dream of many housewives. To realize this dream, they have to first overcome the hurdle of the annual spring cleaning. With a clear and achievable plan for spring cleaning, you may find much of your headache alleviated. Let us now learn the 3 important steps for spring cleaning. The first important step is stain removal. Kitchen and bathroom are the high traffic areas and stains are most easily accumulated in these two rooms. Therefore, you should focus your stain removal works on these two rooms. necessary steps for spring cleaning

Kitchen rangehoods and hobs should be cleaned first. Grease is easily accumulated on the rangehoods. To prevent the accumulation of grease, you can cover the grease collector with plastic wrap. By changing the plastic wrap regularly, you cleaning work will be eased. When cleaning your rangehood, you have to turn it on first. Spray the cleaner onto the turbine fan when it is spinning. The grease can be soften and removed by the centrifugall force produced by the spinning fan. Then you can wipe clean the rangehood with much less effort.

The high humidity in bathroom causes spots and mold on the floor and wall as well as stains on toilet bowl and bathtub. Instead of manual brushing alone, you need specially formulated cleaners. Living room and bedroom are places that construct the house atmosphere. You should focus on the cleaning of windows, carpet, floors, sofa, curtain and other furniture. Some of the upholstery requires dry cleaning and you may need to schedule a time for that in around a week’s time.

Clearing and organizing is the second step of spring cleaning. The fact that housewives treasure every household items turns their houses into storage rooms. Spring cleaning is the best time to clear the unnecessary items that are talking up your precious space. This simple step is essential to have an organized and spacious house. House space can be more effectively utilized with storage bins. Placing stacked storage bins at corners help save up a lot of space.

House decoration is the final step for constructing a beautiful and clean house. Creativity plays an important role for adding colors and freshness to your house. Painting the wall or applying wallpaper help change the atmosphere of the house. Prior to your final decision, you should read the following tips. Warm color gives a warm feeling to the house while cold color gives a fresh feeling to the house. If you are unable to decide a color for your house, you may choose the safest color of white.